E-Commerce Basics

What is E-Commerce?
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) means any business that deals over the internet using a web store.

Store Instructions
This information is for US customers. International customers may be different. Please check your local governments.

Step 1
You need to purchase Emicro Commerce.

Step 2
Fictitious Business Name (Ask your county’s clerk office)

Step 3
Business License (You get it at your local city hall)

Step 4
Seller’s Permit and Other Permits may by required depending on what you are selling. (Ask your State Board of Equalization, or county’s clerk office for details)

Step 5
Business Checking Account (For example, Humboldt, Bank of America, Wells Fargo or other. It helps to get one that supports any of the 18 gateway processors.)

Step 6
Internet merchant account (For example HumboldtWells Fargo or other) It is only required if you are accepting credit card payments online. If you already have a credit card terminal, you can manually charge the transaction yourself, but it is not recommended. In order to do this, you select a gateway processor for example Authorize.net and then choose transaction type manual. You configure this in the Card Gateway in the store settings. Orders will not be charge, and then you can use the credit card terminal to charge the transaction afterwards. If you decided to get an internet merchant account (recommended), check any of the 18 gateway processors for details.)

Step 7
Paypal merchant account (If you are planning to accept paypal payments, you can sign up at paypal.com. It is free.)

Step 8
Web hosting Account (For example, Discountasp.net, jodohost.com or other. Must support Microsoft .NET. You can look at the resource page for more information. It is not needed if you are hosting it yourself, but it is not recommended.)

Step 9
Domain Name (For example, yourdomain.com. It is not required if you have already registered one. If you do not have a domain name, you can register at register.com or other.)

Step 10
SSL Certificate (This is a secure socket layer certificate. You need this for secure connection, so sensitive information like credit cards, customer login, and etc are protected over the internet. You can obtain one at thawte.com or verisign.com. Sometimes the certificate is not needed because the web hosting might provide this service. Please ask web host for support and details.)

Step 11
Search Engines (You need to submit to each major search engines. For example, yahoo.com, google.com altavista.com, hotbot.com, and other.)

If you are using currencies other than US Dollars, you need to get a bank and gateway processor that support international currencies. PlanetPayment.com will support international currencies and Authorize.Net and other gateway processors might support international currencies. Please check your bank and gateway processor for more details.
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