Product Overview

Installation and Deployment 
Emicro Commerce is designed with ease of installation and deployment. You can get your web store ready in a matter of minutes. There is no programming required for those who are not computer savvy. Video Instructions are included if you face any problems. Emicro Commerce is powered by ASP.NET, which is Microsoft's latest technology. With this technology, your website is faster than ASP or Java based applications and has better performance on Windows based servers. Our products are completely written in 100% .NET managed code. There is no outdated technology like ASP version 3.

Shopping Features
Our web store contains many useful features that can give an user a complete shopping experience. Emicro Commerce has features like wish list, gift wrap, new releases, sale items, top sellers, product search, back order, profile, returns, email a friend, coupon history, order history, sales receipts, and more. It is easy and user friendly. You have a 2-Click checkout process for faster transaction processing.    

Content Management 
You can control all the web content on Emicro Commerce. You have the option to modify or edit the pages. There is a HTML content editor included, which HTML knowledge is not required. Web pages can have Meta title, keywords, and description. This helps your web pages to be indexed and positioned in search engines. It will help you bring in more traffic.

Email Management 
We have included features like mailing list, drop ship notice, order message, forgot password message, and more. You can send all news, services, and information using the mailing list manager. Email can be sent in HTML or text form. You have the option to send an email after a transaction has been placed or send a drop ship notice to a vendor.

Product Management
Products can be on the featured list or home page. Our and list price can be displayed on every products. Meta title, keywords, description is included for each product.  You have the option to specify the minimum and maximum quantity. Products can be on multiple categories. For example, if you have a product in the men's shoes category; it can also be in the woman's shoes category.

Order Management 
Order information can all be managed on the website. You can calculate the freight prices on the order manager. Customer notes on each order for more information. Emicro Commerce has an order search capability or you can select orders by status. You can authorize, capture, preauthorize, and void a credit card order.

Category Management 
Products can be displayed by category, brand, manufacturer, and publisher. Meta title, keywords, can description are included for all these pages. Category and brand image gallery is included in Emicro Commerce.

Customer Management
You can manage your customer's profile, credit card, coupons, order history, log, downloads, reviews, password, affiliate information and more.  

Emicro Commerce security features includes (CVV2) Credit Card Security code, Luhn Digit algorithm, SSL, and real-time verification. Sensitive data is encrypted for in additional security. All credit card transactions record time, date, and IP address against any fraud.  You can delete transactions that contain sensitive information.

Your website can be discounted by volume, order, shipping, category, and product. Our and list price can discounted by fixed price or percentage and set on certain start and end date. Store wide sale is also available.

We have included visitor logs, daily sales, monthly sales, top customers, top referrers, top products, and top affiliate.  Charts are in line or bar form.

There are useful tools like import and export xml data for backup. We have included a virtual terminal where you can preauthorize, authorize, capture, and void transactions. You can delete carts, credit cards, and logs for maintenance. All transaction and paypal log can be searched.

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