Screen Shots

This is a screen shot of the home page. It displays special products, featured products, and a featured list.


The screen shot shows you the product item with also purchased products, users' average ratings, and product details.

This is a description of the product and brand list on the side.


Here is a screen shot of the shopping cart. It has gift wrapping option and coupon code for discounts.

This is the registration page. Customers can enter his or her information here. 


This screen shot shows you the customer's profile account. Customers can edit his or her information here. Customers can also look at his wishlist, reviews, order history, affiliate, coupons, downloads and returns information .


Here is a list of products when a customer clicks on the category link. It displays product special, brand list, manufacturer list, publisher list, and more. 

This screen shot is the advanced search page. You can search for books, hardware, software and more.

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