Emicro Software

Why Emicro Commerce?
Emicro Commerce is designed for small and medium size businesses that are looking for a professional internet presence with out spending a fortune. With Emicro Commerce, you can increase your sales and profits and gain greater exposure over the internet. Deployment and setup can be online in a matter of minutes. It is easy and user friendly and even those who have no knowledge of programming can use it. Emicro Commerce can run your entire internet business with its useful features that all online businesses require. You can use it for your internet, mail order, wholesale, and retail business, but whatever business you have, Emicro Commerce is your partner in business.

Why consider us?
If you are considering Emicro Software for your solution, you may not need a developer or in house programmer for your online business. We have taken every step for you, from planning, design, programming, and to deployment, so you can focus on running your online business without worrying about the technical stuff. It will save you time and lots of money in the long run. We have included over 1 hour worth of video help instructions, so you will have less problems getting started. If you are considering other solutions, you might need some programming experience and computer background in order to use their software, which is not a simple task. Emicro Software is for those who have no programming experience, and expects a fast and friendly solution. We are continuously building better solutions everyday, so you will not have to.

Why and what is .NET?
.NET is currently the latest technology and framework from Microsoft. With this technology, your web sites are faster and have better performance on Microsoft Windows based servers.

What about security?
Our software is designed with security in mind. Sensitive information is encrypted in the database and any sensitive information transferring over the network has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology option available, which is presently the safest way to send information over the internet. Customers, orders, and transaction logs information can be deleted for security. Credit cards are checked in real-time against banks and transactions are recorded against any fraud transactions. AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (Credit Card Security code) is available to validate credit card information.

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